World Traveler News: Peter Distefano, USA

I have promoted Africa over the years as well as visiting various parts of Africa multiple times, and the ability to coordinate that through this new association would greatly enhance that. World Traveler News came into being in 1980, and has been promoting travel throughout the world ever since. It was started by internationally renowned photo-journalist Peter A Distefano. Distefano has published many full color travel photo books during his career. He is a member of the American Society of […]

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Asian media and cultural association, Sri Lanka

I am Pathum Wickramarathne from Sri Lanka. I am currently holding the position of the General Secretary of the Asian media and cultural association (AMCA) witch based in sri lanka .  Our organization comprises of journalists who represent all the main press and electronic media in Sri Lanka. So We believe that our association is the ample body in promoting African Tourism in Sri Lanka and we are willing to do our level best in this endeavor. and also hope […]

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Testimonies Media: Mercyline Mutarisi, Zimbabwe

Good day Firstly , joining the ATB is a great initiative that put Africa on the map of the world as a tourist destination while creating employment , ideas, sharing , and planning of events that elevates Africa .ATB brings exposure to other Nations and builds relationships .ATB makes it easy to discuss pertinent issues about tourism while having an opportunity to create activities that markets nations . My organisation is a media into publishing, TV, radio and community development. We have […]

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April Orcutt, USA

April Orcutt has written for BBC Travel, National Geographic Traveler, (online Travel + Leisure), National Geographic Traveller India, Vacations & Travel (Australia), Hemispheres (United Airlines’ inflight magazine), AAA (American Automobile Association) magazines, Alaska Air (Alaska Airlines’ inflight), the San Francisco Chronicle, the Dallas Morning News, and more. April wrote a weekly travel column for the Los Angeles Times from Aug., 2017, to Sept., 2018, and has written many other stories for the L.A. Times. She has won top honors […]

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The Travel World: Ethan Gelber, USA

As a travel writer, I focus on responsible and sustainable travel, and keeping things local. Many countries in Africa lend themselves extremely well to this kind of tourism and many more would benefit from a stronger focus on this kind of travel. I have already written about many African destinations with this in mind and I hope to write about more.

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We are developing a new platform for internet tv and look to setup a tv channel for African tourism promotion. The platform is in final stadium of production as it works with different KPI’s. I had the pleasure of discussing the project with mr Were Johnson, former Ambassador for Kenya to the Kingdom of Belgium. The plan was to open a broadcasting facility in Nairobi but we had some delay. Plans are still actual and i would be happy to […]

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World Footprints LLC, USA

Recognized as influencers, World Footprints founders, Ian and Tonya Fitzpatrick, have earned multiple awards for travel journalism excellence from the Society of American Travel Writers, North American Travel Journalist Association, Caribbean Tourism Organization and they’ve received an African Community Service Award for their work in promoting tourism to the continent. Tonya was also recently appointed a Delegate to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. Ian is a two-time National Silver Medalist in Taekwondo. World Footprints is a […]

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The Unknown Planet: Soniya Kirpalani, India

remiere Video, VR Travel Discovery -2-Booking Platform & Publisher, we highlight gendersafe travel across Asia, Africa, Arabia. Designing immersive communication, these region’s vibrant, unique destinations-esp cultural, creative, culinary, conscious, community-led tourism- we use Omnichannel distribution to stimulate customer acquisition for Asia, Africa, Arabia travel opportunities. Creating DIRECT ACCESS between travellers and their local SMEs travel & hospitality ecosystem- removing the middleman, we support responsible travel/ tourism eco-systems, experience creators, wellness, boutique hotels, barefoot entrepreneurs, NGOs, creative, craft and culinary communities […]

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Jewish Post: Henry Levy: USA

The Jewish Post publishes travel stories of interest to our readers in print and on our website.We attempt to include Jewish connections, history and culture about the countries and destinations we highlight in our articles whenever possible.The Jewish Post is open to participate in press trips with the objective of promoting the countries that extend invitations.We are one of the few Jewish publications to have correspondents at the United Nations for many years.

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