Testimonies Media: Mercyline Mutarisi, Zimbabwe

Testimonies Media: Mercyline Mutarisi, Zimbabwe

Good day 
Firstly , joining the ATB is a great initiative that put Africa on the map of the world as a tourist destination while creating employment , ideas, sharing , and planning of events that elevates Africa .
ATB brings exposure to other Nations and builds relationships .
ATB makes it easy to discuss pertinent issues about tourism while having an opportunity to create activities that markets nations .

My organisation is a media into publishing, TV, radio and community development. 
We have many projects under our name the international Creative Arts and crtafts network, the international business convergence expo, hosts of the talk lounge, the Afica fusion fashion gala,
Champions of religious tourism 
And we are a media that promotes positivity and champions development .
If we qualify to be a member of the ATB
We will market it to corporates , gvt institutions and international platforms. 
We have partnerships with the corporate world and our database is full .
We work with churches , and Zimbabwe is 80 percent Christian country .
We have influence in the corporate world and religious world .
We have partnered with government institutions and our projects are always a success. 

Looking forward to champion ATB business on Zimbabwe 
. We are a media marketing company .


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