Jan Tourism Consultancy, Amsterdam, Netherlands

We represent destinations and DMC’s in the Netherlands and Belgium to the Travel Trade and MICE market. We connect with Tour operators, Travelmanagers, and MZiCE buyers. We also have a small branch in the UAE where we sell Africa as a destination to travel agents and corporates. /www.jantourism.com  |  sales@jantourism.com   -1-

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Zoe Zulu Productions, Netherlands

Entrepreneur from Eswatini promoting culture in the Netherlands. I want to present Africa in its true light and I need the support from big organizations which also see my vision. I am solving a problem and I know I qualify to do this see my website.by Zoe Dlamini-Sas PH +31623176387 email: zoezuluproductions@gmail.com www.zoezulu.com

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Eyeonline.tv: Bert Sohl

We are developing a new platform for internet tv and look to setup a tv channel for African tourism promotion. The platform is in final stadium of production as it works with different KPI’s. I had the pleasure of discussing the project with mr Were Johnson, former Ambassador for Kenya to the Kingdom of Belgium. The plan was to open a broadcasting facility in Nairobi but we had some delay. Plans are still actual and i would be happy to […]

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