The Unknown Planet: Soniya Kirpalani, India

remiere Video, VR Travel Discovery -2-Booking Platform & Publisher, we highlight gendersafe travel across Asia, Africa, Arabia. Designing immersive communication, these region’s vibrant, unique destinations-esp cultural, creative, culinary, conscious, community-led tourism- we use Omnichannel distribution to stimulate customer acquisition for Asia, Africa, Arabia travel opportunities. Creating DIRECT ACCESS between travellers and their local SMEs travel & hospitality ecosystem- removing the middleman, we support responsible travel/ tourism eco-systems, experience creators, wellness, boutique hotels, barefoot entrepreneurs, NGOs, creative, craft and culinary communities to get customer acquisition and engagement. Aiming to democratize travel and put it back in the hands of local providers, our aim is to use Media + Technology to make local travel operators globally competitive. 
All our work is probono as we work with destinations and their leaders, committed to making travel, safe, seamless, sustainable and social 
Mapping Destinations visually
For local tour operators- pro bono-


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