Eyeonline.tv: Bert Sohl

We are developing a new platform for internet tv and look to setup a tv channel for African tourism promotion. The platform is in final stadium of production as it works with different KPI’s. I had the pleasure of discussing the project with mr Were Johnson, former Ambassador for Kenya to the Kingdom of Belgium. The plan was to open a broadcasting facility in Nairobi but we had some delay. Plans are still actual and i would be happy to […]

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Spanish Wine Tourism Association, Spain

The Spanish Wine Tourism Association (AEE) is integrated by establishments related to wine and its culture, for the support and defense of the interests of the entire Spanish wine tourism sector, through the proposal and development in business, cultural and social nature services. Mission, Vision and Values: to contribute to the progressive union of the Spanish wine  tourism sector by encouraging its coopetition  through strategic actions of integration under the ‘Wine Tourism of Spain’® brand-as a global network of establishments and their destinations-, that are […]

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NATIVE (Accessible Tourism), Madrid, Spain

NATIVE has been working since 2010 for the accessibility of hotels for the convenience of more clients and the attraction of new ones. We help hotels comply with the Equality laws and follow the instructions of the UNWTO. The accessible platform of NATIVE is the first international hotel network that allows the website to be manageable by 500 million elderly or disabled people who can not use a computer today if the webs are not created in accessible code. Our […]

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