Sunx, Belgium & Malta

Promoting Climate Friendly Travel:~ measured:green: 2050 proof. Host of African Earth Lung Alliance – saving the second largest Rain Forest on the Planet to store carbon to save humanity. by Prof. Geoffrey

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International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP)

CTP is a grassroots travel & tourism coalition of destinations and stakeholders based in the United States, Belgium, Seychelles and Indonesia. committing to Quality Services & Green Growth sharing, networking and competing strengthening knowledge, marketing and funding smart and sustainable marketing opportunities media outreach awards introductions and networking embracing UN MDGs, Code of Tourism Ethics and Global Compact advocating smart travel, community wellbeing and investments for jobs regional activities in local chapters members interact with members Council members remain the […]

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We are developing a new platform for internet tv and look to setup a tv channel for African tourism promotion. The platform is in final stadium of production as it works with different KPI’s. I had the pleasure of discussing the project with mr Were Johnson, former Ambassador for Kenya to the Kingdom of Belgium. The plan was to open a broadcasting facility in Nairobi but we had some delay. Plans are still actual and i would be happy to […]

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