TechPRO Outsourcing Limited, Zambia

TechPRO Outsourcing Limited, Zambia

Techpro Outsourcing is an information and communication technology company with a bias in online marketing and web services. It was created in 2016 to create content for websites and provide online marketing consultancy services to SMEs.

We are in Kafue District just 40km south of Lusaka, in Zambia.

In 2018, we partnered with Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation ZNBC, to produce a Tourism Reality TV Show, to unveil Zambia as a preferred tourist destination. However, ZNBC failed to make any sort of financial, technical, or logistical support to the project. I personally financed the collection of video content in Livingstone. Eventually resources run out and I could not carry the project to the finish line, however, we picked valuable experience and we have ended up providing more effective consultancy to the tourism sector.

You can find the channel on YouTube that contains some of the works we did on the Reality Show on this link

We released two episodes on YouTube, one about the Livingstone Museum here

The other episode about the Railway and Jewish Museum is on this link here

The tourism reality show was planned to be a multiseason project. The attempted season was thus dubbed the Livingstone Tour. The tourism reality show is a hybrid contest combining Television, social media and the web. The public was required to vote for their favorite contestant by visiting our website on this link or our Facebook page @Tourismreality.

This model can be used to create an exciting engaging and informative show on various tourist attractions across Africa. I would be very willing to travel on behalf of the Africa Tourism Board and film different locations and create an engaging program that would ensure that first and foremost Africans generate interest in (domestic) local tourism themselves. And secondly this content is targeted at the countries across the world so that they can be enticed to visit Africa. I believe through this program we can once again show that Africa is not just about poverty and conflict. The larger part of Africa is beautiful adventure, culture, wildlife, nature, hospitality and it is worth visiting.

I need to mention that all that needed is a set of filming a equipment, an editing suite, and a small dedicated team and we would make Africa famous. I am available if called upon for this kind of a challenge.

Another promo

Also note that what we are now capable of producing after the valuable experience we gained would be much greater quality. We are also capable to run the social media campaigns for the African tourism board. Our Facebook page @tourismreality has just over 12,000 likes. The board may use this platform if needed. We have the ability to create website relevant to whatever side of the tourism thrust. Currently we are developing a booking system for African tour operators call Tourism iCity that we hope will help every operator to be marketed online.

by Brian Matambo

Managing Director
Lusaka, Zambia