SKYIN Authentic Kenya Tours & Experiences, Safaris, CO, USA

SKYIN Authentic Kenya Tours & Experiences, Safaris, CO, USA

Kenya is an exotic and mysterious land filled with unknowns. But traveling with SKYIN allows guests to safely and securely experience the grandeur of the land and the hospitable people of Kenya. Over the past ten years, SKYIN has developed extensive relationships throughout the local communities and villages, providing travelers with the most authentic and secure experiences under the guidance of our local host families. Our host families are highly knowledgeable and extensively vetted, providing you not only with fascinating new friends, but also peace of mind.

The origin of SKYIN was established to connect people across the world in a purely authentic way. Having traveled to Kenya throughout his life, our founder, Skyler Mason, wanted guests to share the same genuine and transformative experience of  “Living like a local”. His resolve to impact and achieve a sustainable presence in the region inspired his dream to create job opportunities for local families and their surrounding communities.

Connect on a deeper level with indigenous tribes, discover exotic wildlife on a safari and at wildlife sanctuaries, set sail on the pristine waters of the Indian Ocean, uncover Kenya’s ancient history, engage with children at local orphanages, savor authentic, home-cooked cuisine, and so much more. An experience to touch all your senses in the most intimate and authentic way!


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