Sense of Occasion, South Africa

Sense of Occasion, South Africa

Madeleine Mitchell has  a passion for people and have worked in the Public Sector in Tourism Development and Marketing for 15 years.  She is an African in her heart and soul and know what the Tourism industry can do for the economy but especially for people. Her qualifications are B-tech: Public Relations Management, Certificate in Journalism, Certificate in Management Development Programme from USB-ed, Short courses in Tourist Guiding, Wine and Human Resource Development. 

Events and Communication creates a platform for businesses to showcase what they offer and creates a networking platform for stakeholders to see the potential to work together. 

Sense of Occasion’s Company Profile
To strive to be the Events and Communication Company that stands out from the rest when it comes to exceeding expectations and offering service excellence. 

Crafting and Creating Events and Communications that are driven by passion, inspiration and Excellence and  that touches all your Senses while assisting clients to build excellent relationships, special memories and leaving a  lasting positive impact. 

Events Management: 
• Research (objectives, scope, practical application)
• Design (theme, concepts, event flow)
• Planning (budget, event, timelines)
• Execution (communication, cooperation, coordination)
• Evaluation (surveys, post-event assessment, debriefs)

Types of Events: 
Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Strategic sessions, Conventions Events, Exhibitions, TradeShows, Activations,Launches Workshops Team building sessions. 
Mom’s Night Out, Festivals, Concerts, Weddings, Ceremonies. Formal parties, Birthdays Baby showers, Kitchen Teas

Corporate Communications:
• Communications Strategy (objectives, key results, target audiences, themed messages, evaluation)
• Corporate identity and branding (corporate identity, brand positioning, marketing)
• Managing internal and external communications (content development, content management, media relations)

Public Relations Management: 
• PR Strategy (target audience, key messages, tactics, evaluation)
• Media Relations Management (press releases on targeted media platforms, media engagement, crisis management)
• Relationship Management (customer management, partner management, stakeholder management)

Complimentary Services: 
• MC Services
• Graphic Design
• Product Photography
• Travel Itineraries

PH: +27-834661300

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