Seeza Tourism SME Network, South Africa

Seeza (meaning ‘see Southern Africa’ ) Tourism SME Network is a collaborative network of tourism SMEs across Southern Africa, which seeks to strengthen their international competitiveness and market access. Built on the principles of inter-firm collaboration, Seeza Tourism SME Network prides itself in acquiring and channeling real business opportunities to its SME Network. 

Since its establishment in July 2017, Seeza has channeled nearly R5 million worth of business to SMEs by linking them to international business events hosted in South Africa. It seeks to grow these SME opportunities across the Southern African region through various strategies. For instance, Seeza Tourism SME Network has been a partner for World Travel Market Africa since 2018, a relationship it values profoundly. Now, for the first time, the Network will have its own pavilion at WTM Africa 2020 to showcase SMEs to WTM Africa’s global audience. The Network will also present its inaugural GrowthIgnitours award at WTM Africa 2020, recognizing established brands (tourism and non-tourism) that support tourism SME growth through providing access to markets, financing, and business development services.

Joining the African Tourism Board will enable the Network to strategically advance its founding mission of enhancing the international visibility and competitiveness of tourism SMEs in Southern Africa. It will also enable the Network to contribute to the ATB objective of developing sustainable tourism, through SME and community inclusion. 

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