Phoenix 365 Futures Africa, South Africa

Phoenix 365 Futures Africa, South Africa

Labeeqah Schuurman has 24 years’ experience in the Travel and Tourism Industry, of which 15 years’ was a Senior Manager in the public sector. During this time she was the Tourism Chief Director in the Western Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism. 
She has 9 years’ work experience as an Academic in the Travel and Tourism Industry, including facilitation, lecturing and management. She has a sound knowledge and understanding of Higher Education and Further Education, including the current contextual frameworks with its key challenges and opportunities.
Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Technology Degree: Tourism Management (cum laude), a Postgraduate Diploma in Futures Studies and a Masters in Philosophy in Futures Studies.

Phoenix 365 – Futures Africa is a newly established advisory firm, with the Purpose of “Positioning Operating Environments to be efficient and effective”. The outcome is realised in its Vision, which is “Sustainable Operating Environments in Africa that are able to significantly contribute to socio-economic growth and prosperity”. Its core values are based on linking sustainable futures and building resilience in adapting to change.

*Operating Environments include Government, Companies, Associations, Non Profit Organisations, Sectors, Themes, Destinations, Towns, Cities, Regions and Countries.

Strategic Advisory Services:
• Business modelling (Value propositions, Customer analysis, Resource allocation).
• Future planning (Environmental scanning, Scenario planning, Systems thinking).
• Strategy development (Strategy maps, Strategy frameworks, Strategic plans).

Management Advisory Services:
• Design (Business models, Company profiles, Institutional workflows).
• Operations (Business plans, Annual performance plans, Operational plans).
• Improving performance (Company reviews, CRM, Governance and risk management).

Examples of Strategic Experience:
• Business Models for SMMEs in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry.
• 5-year Strategic Framework, Business Model and Strategic Plan for Wesgro (Trade, Investment, Tourism & Film).
• 5-year National Strategic Plan and Business Model for Agricultural Education and Training.
• 5-year Western Cape (South Africa) Strategic and Operational Plans for Tourism and other key sectors.

by Labeeqah Schuurman, founder