Island Images, Ltd, St. Helena Island (UK)

The Island of St Helena, an overseas territory of the United Kingdom,  located in the South Atlantic Ocean, is of volcanic origin and has an area of 47 square miles. It is almost 5,000 miles from the UK, 700 miles south-east of Ascension Island, and 1,900 miles NNW from South Africa (Cape Town). The island’s total population is around 4,000, of whom about 900 live in the capital, Jamestown.

Its map coordinates are 5°45’00”W, 15°58’49”S

St. Helena is only 16 by 8 kilometres, or 121 square km, which makes it one of the world’s smallest inhabited islands.

Island Images is a locally owned and operated Destination Management Company, delivering a number of services, including a Receptive Tour Operator and are professionally qualified by and affiliated to the South African Tourism Services Association.

When planning your holiday or your client’s holiday, there are countless tasks that have to be done, and nothing is more valuable than having someone who has local knowledge to organize this for you.  We will attend to all the details – we know what is genuine and will help you discover the typical “saint” hospitality, experience an unlimited choice of activities, enjoy the superb gastronomy and marvel at our history and traditions. Through our passion, openness and expertise, we make your vision happen, down to the last detail. 

We will ensure that you meet the locals and discover St Helena from a local point of view. Of course, we will show you the “must see” attractions that the Island has to offer, but we will also give you the opportunity to explore this paradise, experiencing local culture and discovering what the locals do.

As “Saints” we are proud of our ability to create a holiday to suit your interests, your budget of course and will ensure that your time spent here will exceed your expectations by going the extra mile to make your holiday extra special.

For we love what we do for our clients.