Let’s Define Progress Conference, USA

Let’s Define Progress Conference, USA

t the Let’s Define Progress Conference we focus primarily on utilizing the assets, abilities, and connectivity of African & Black American people. We believe that Progress is the organized utilization of Black Owned assets and influence here in our home and abroad. We are dedicated to developing a network of capital, resources, and votes that are able to improve the quality of life for melanated people.

Our beliefs are focused around the following:

Black Americans alone have $1.5 Trillion dollars in buying power. (For comparison: The Country of Spain generates only $1.3 trillion in GDP.)

If separated into a grouping of only Black and African Americans in the United States our economic value would rank 13th out of the 185 national economies in the world

Black and African consumers have the ability to provide funding to Black and African manufactures simply by redirecting supply lines.

By directing African & Black individuals in America to financially support organizations who are owned by Black & African People, or by companies who support Black legislative policies or initiatives, we are able to ensure our dollars are supporting our beliefs and creating more opportunities.

By accepting that we have an alternative perspective that deserves it’s own voice, we are better able to influence ourselves and remove the influence of others with conflicting values and goals.

Our Conference is a place to foster Black and African American discussion about utilizing our finances in a way that is in our best interests. We are following in the footsteps of the Colored Conventions held from 1830 to 1887 hoping to find common ground with members of our community from sea to shining sea so to determine what Progress for Black people means in 2020.

BLKTravel.com is a site that is dedicated to African American, Black, and Minority travelers. In recent years the number of African American and Black travelers embarking on domestic and international trips has grown to unseen heights. In the year 2018 African American travelers accounted for more than 15% of the total non-business related dollars alone. When adding in the number of business professionals travelling for work or conferences African Americans account for nearly a quarter of all revenue generated in the American Travel Industry. BLKTravel.com exists to ensure that those dollars are being spent with companies who value Black and African American customers, not only the dollar signs they represent.

Our site BLKTravel.com has a primary focus of introducing Black and African American millennials to different travel destinations, transportation options, and alternative lodgings for travel. We hope to provide our viewers and patrons with reviews of businesses and organizations within the Hospitality and Travel Industries that will ensure their comfort and make them feel welcomed when they choose to travel with or patronize them. Due to the growth of Social Media, individuals have earned the ability to share their experiences with others about the way in which they are treated by any company’s staff. Today Black and African American customers demand equal treatment and a certain level of Customer Service and satisfaction that had not always been given to each and every community.

We would like to join the African Tourism Board to connect our members and patrons with businesses within the hospitality and travel industries within the nations of Africa.


Ronald Curtis

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