Padi Royale Hotel, South Africa

Padi Royale Hotel, South Africa

The Africa Tourism Board is one organization that continues to foster the culture of tourism and travel as well as support to local role players under one continent. This objective is a direct motive as to the establishment of Padi Royale Hotel with its effort under the support of tourism councils to offer services in the hospitality sector which showcases the beauty and serenity of Africa. Padi Royale is a hospitality company that was established to serve local and international markets.

It offers conferencing, wedding, training and capacity building facilities to various sectors of the economy, in a convenient, tranquil and serene environment

. It further offers creativity, and objectives are, plans to develop and inject new life into this market, allowing its owners communication skills to develop and reach its projected objectives. The company recognizes that the development of the infrastructure is the key to meeting the objectives of the target market with regard to employment creation, providing services and empowering communities. It is in this context that Padi Royale is strategically placed to provide the cutting edge in hospitality services that are essential to cater to the needs of such a market and to meet the overall objectives of hospitality industry development in South Africa and Africa as a whole.

Hazyview Mpumalanga, near the Kruger National Park

Director: Palesa Sibuyi

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