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Climate Friendly Travel Registry, Rose Mukogo, Harare, Zimbabwe

5 Braemar Avenue,
Mt Pleasant
Harare, ZImbabwe
ATB is a platform that is speaking to the inclusive involvement of all key players of tourism in Africa with a fresh impetus. Climate change is a real issue that unfortunately is likely to affect AFRICA tourism and its sustainability even more than most regions. Whilst Africa is endowed with authentic pristine and abundance of flora and fauna the coordination of managing climate change issues has been lagging behind.
As a member of the Climate Friendly Travel Registry established under a, not for profit organization SUNxMalta I feel I have a role to play in drawing the attention of Africa to the need to promote mainstreaming climate change into the tourism sector through engaging in recording the mitigatory measures undertaken to ensure that the travel and tourism sector is sustainably developed for current and future generations.
I would love to utilize my experience as a former policymaker for the Government of Zimbabwe and current active player in the Hospitality Association of Zimbabwe to enhance the reach out and growth of ATB.

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