Sudanese Bird Watcher Club, Awad Siddeg, Khartoum, Sudan

Sudan Khartoum
Nile street
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I am Awad Mohamed Siddiq, a professional photographer in wildlife and birds photography
The owner of the idea of ​​the first photo exhibition about birds in Sudan
The owner of the idea and founder of the Sudan Bird Watching Club, which is the first club
The owner of the idea and the launch of the first bird watching culture forum in Sudan
The author of the idea of ​​a book on the birds of Sudan, the first version I visited the Sudan reserves, the Radom reserve, the Wadi Howar reserve, and the Taya Basinda Al-Qallabat reserve, the Shunab and Dungnab marine reserve, participating in a first report on the state of the environment 2020, an expert in bird migration routes and recreation areas in Sudan.
Save migratory birds are an integral part of the global ecosystem and must be protected from extinction. Several species of migratory birds are classified as endangered, such as Amsterdam’s Albatross Island and the Siberian Crane. Among the main threats facing migratory birds are the spread of disease and the impact of human activities. Destroying breeding sites reduces the number of places available for birds to breed, more risking their inhabitants. Many organizations and associations in Africa work on bird studies and the Sudan Bird Watching Club work to protect migratory birds by raising awareness among people. It also eliminates the threats facing migratory birds.