Wild Side Destinations and Destination Weddings.Travel, OR, USA

Travel Planning and Destination Wedding Planning is a special undertaking. We welcome first-time and seasoned travelers who value life experiences, appreciate our 19+ years of experience and want a once-in-a-lifetime moment with cultures and destinations. We cater to the spoiled rotten experience, the all nature experience, romantic getaways and off-the-beaten path getaways . We maintain an exclusive portfolio of special relationships with travel brands and partners who also support sustainable tourism, volunteer tourism, child protection and nature. We are destination […]

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Allons Voyage, LLC “Let’s go travel”, MD, USA

Allons Voyage, LLC “Let’s go travel” | Allyson Owens | www.allonsvoyage.com | +1 443 747 1020 | Allyson Owens I love and care about the African continent and want to promote all its beauty (people, animals, and land) through tourism and individual connections. I own a boutique travel business in the United States that provides unique travel experiences to the luxury travel market. My travel planning to countries in Africa was expanding nicely, then the global pandemic hit. While I […]

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JFang Consulting, CA, USA

www.jfangconsulting.com | judith.fang@jfangconsulting.com I am a Consultant and owner of a few businesses of which one is my Travel Agency Business and is the JFang Travel Experiences. I stumbled on this site by accident when I watch the Project Hope for Africa Press Conference where Africa Tourism Revival and Building was discussed. This to me is an excellent Initiative and very impressed with all I hear. especially love the phrase “Let Africa start visiting Africa” it is unfortunate that many […]

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World Federation of Tourist Guide Association, DC, USA

www.wfta.org | marciardonato@gmail.com The World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations is a non profit global organization that has 90 member countries and 250,000 tourist guides worldwide. Africa- North-Central-South Asia – South East- Central Americas – North South Central Europe – CPLP countries (Portuguese) Oceania Australia New Zealand

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Travel Me Crazy, NC, USA

http://www.travelmecrazy.com  |  ConsultPAH@aol.com | PhyllisHughes My primary area of focus is cultural heritage, voluntourism, cross-culture connections, and improving the lives of others through economic and workforce development fueled by dollars created through responsible and sustainable travel and tourism. I was headed to Ghana with a group on March 18th when Covid-19 spiked in the U.S. This was to be the beginning of promoting travel on the continent. Now we are at “ground zero.” I would like to be a part […]

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Denny and Robbin’s Travel Adventure, MD, USA

http://robbinbrittingham.inteletravel.com | denrobtraveladventures@gmail.com | RobbinBrittingham I am a home-based travel advisor. My IATA number is 10548020. I am new to the business. I run the business with my husband. I currently have a host agency. It is Inteletravel. In 2019 I took two clients to South Africa. In addition to taking my clients it was an exploratory trip for me. I fell in love with the country. I want people to see what I saw. I want people to feel […]

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