Wild Side Destinations and Destination Weddings.Travel, OR, USA

Travel Planning and Destination Wedding Planning is a special undertaking. We welcome first-time and seasoned travelers who value life experiences, appreciate our 19+ years of experience and want a once-in-a-lifetime moment with cultures and destinations. We cater to the spoiled rotten experience, the all nature experience, romantic getaways and off-the-beaten path getaways . We maintain an exclusive portfolio of special relationships with travel brands and partners who also support sustainable tourism, volunteer tourism, child protection and nature. We are destination specialists with certifications from Tourist Boards, resort brands and the latest trends! Travel Specials are out there, we know where to get them. We would be interested in Africa as a destination.

Pamela Jenkins Ott, Owner, Marketing & Sales


wildsidedestinations@yahoo.com | 15032600557



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