African Organization for Aviation, Culture, Tourism & Sustainable Development(AFROACT) , Cairo, Egypt

African Organization for Aviation, Culture, Tourism & Sustainable Development(AFROACT) , Cairo, Egypt

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AFROACT ( The African Organization for Culture, Tourism Promotion, Digital Marketing and Sustainable Economic Development) endeavors to maximize African tourism’s contribution to inter alia development and international understanding, while minimizing its negative impacts, paying particular attention to the growth potential of developing countries.

Sustainable Tourism Principles:

• Sustainable tourism is characterized by:

• Enhancing the well-being of communities

• Supports and ensures the economic, social and cultural well being of the communities in which tourism takes place.

• Supporting the protection of the natural and cultural environment

• Allows the use of natural and cultural resources for gaining economic profit while at the same time guaranteeing that these resources are not deteriorated or destroyed.


AFROACT’s vision is to be one of the top African and international bodies that able to represent and support all African nations in their sustainable development journey. By the end of 2025, AFROACT aims to have 50 branches spread across Africa to enhance and strengthen interrelationships among African nations in different business sectors.

Mission Facing the fast and dynamic global economic environment changes, challenges and the increasing African desire to pursue sustainable development track, AFROACT was born.

AFROACT has adopted a selective strategic roadmap to achieve its strategic goals and empower African nations through real interrelationships in the fields of Aviation, tourism, culture, trade and investment and industrial sector as the golden keys to accomplishing AFROACT’s strategic vision as a regional organization.

AFROACT keeps an eye to play a significant role in the declared African sustainable development objectives that emphasize on eliminating extreme poverty, reducing child mortality, promoting gender equality, halting the spread of epidemic diseases and enhancing the developed education chances.

AFROACT responds to all modern communication means and radical ICT improvements and continues to automate all internal operations to ensure the best flow of information for all stakeholders on clear transparency pillars.

Dr.Hossam Darwish