Chase Africa Investments, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Chase Africa Investments, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Vince Nkwezane, founder | | | +27813262386

I would like to be part of the African Tourist Board because Tourism caters for a broad spectrum of associations, Chase Africa is a fully black owned newly born distribution company boasting of a world famous brand on its portfolio Marie Sharp’s which is a Hot sauce that compromises of six categories namely being Mild, Original Hot, Smoked, Fiery Hot, No Wimps Allowed and Beware the hottest of the rage.


Feature in Tourism events to represent black-owned distributors and as well as be a sauce of choice, our sauce is very versatile as you can cook with it as well. Especially the smokey flavour and can also be used as a table sauce, tshisa nyama’s

Featured in tourism magazine’s

Feature in sponsorship and growth opportunities that tourism may offer catering/food and beverage as Chase is aiming to list of host of different destinations on its portfolio including accommodation in the near future.

Grow to be a world recognized black African owned distribution company.