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Zanzibar Association of Tourism Investors, Tanzania

The Zanzibar Association of Tourism Investors was started in 2004 as tourism developed on this tiny archipelago off the coast of Tanzania. By joining the African Tourism Board ZATI will get more African exposure and advice on a more specific basis, for example sharing strategies to combat crime focussed on the tourism business. It would also elevate the awareness of Zanzibar and what Zanzibar can offer as a destination, as well as being involved in relevant regional discussions.

ZATI’s main objective is to advocate for a sustainable and responsible tourism industry and business environment– and is in its 14th successful year as the voice of the tourism private sector. It is a nongovernmental, non-religious, and non-political organization, established to represent the interests of tourism investors in Zanzibar. It is managed by an executive board of twelve members, a Director, an administration assistant, and guided by a board of trustees and an honorary board.

ZATI has reached 100 members, representing all areas of the tourism sector and its supporting industries including hotels, restaurants, tour operators, airlines, wholesale suppliers, fashion, and souvenir retail gift shops, printers and publishers, healthcare, security and business services.

ZATI is currently in the process of completing and completed BEST- D funded advocacy projects; in particular a policy position paper focusing on the multiple tax burdens in Zanzibar was published, and the hotel levy and VAT taskforce is close to completion. The apprenticeship program, initially involving in 14 hotels, has educated and given practical training to 56 local youths. The program is expected to expand. ZATI will also be involved in supporting the first Zanzibar Tourism show and is also working closely with the new Minister of Tourism to improve the business climate and market the island.


by Helen Peeks
Executive Director

[email protected]

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