Trusted ATB Partners

Companies or destinations that are qualified and prepared to successfully reach out directly to potential trade and consumer clients in North America or Europe.

The African Tourism Marketing Corporation is part of the African Tourism Board and is based in the United States.

Get qualified and become a trusted ATB Partner:

Scroll down and apply to qualify for this free promotional program. If you are qualified, participate in our partner program.

Included once you are qualified:

  • Trusted partners by ATB will increase consumer confidence when choosing a travel provider.
  • You may submit travel offers to and the TOP 10. This will be searchable and promoted.
  • Participate in our African Tourism social media on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, and WhatsApp.
  • eTurboNews may link and sometimes feature trusted ATB partners. Click here for eTurboNews reach
  • Your Information material may be included at participating trade shows or events
  • Receive invitations to attend trade shows, road shows, Zoom seminars, and other outreach events
  • Get access to educational marketing events and discussions (Zoom)

Your cost:

This program is designed for Africa and provides a fair and proportional outreach for companies of all sizes.

We would happily talk to answer any questions by emailing or Zoom/call.

You can set up a call on our calendar at your convenience. Please go to or email [email protected]

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