TripSpirit, Germany

TripSpirit, Germany

ripSpirit is a small tour operator based in Cologne, Germany, specialized in responsible travel. Our focus lies on community based and indigenous tourism, supporting local communities and economies. The goal of our private tours is to enable the traveller to experience the authentic culture of a destination by closely interacting with the locals. Therefore mutual respect between visitors and hosts is fundamental for a unique and personal travel experience. By sourcing local products and services, small and privately run accommodations, we seek to strengthen the local economies and empower the local communities. 

We are always interested in new, off-the-beaten-path experiences which showcase the cultural heritage, traditions, knowledge and local life of a specific place and enable the traveler to get a deeper understanding of the culture and an immersive experience.

by Lidija Lenthall, owner

Direct phone: +4917676424145

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