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Travelspot PTY lTD, Muhammad Ghoor, Johannesburg, South Africa

Written by Dmytro Makarov


We are an approved travel agent for the SANPARKS. We are have been doing bookings for the past 2 years for the parks managed under the Sanparks umbrella. These include Kruger national park, West coast etc.

During COVID a lot of our bookings have been cancelled as Travel from Mauritius to SA was restricted. A lot of our clientele were from Mauritius. This owing to my wife be Mauritian. We lost a big portion of income in 202/2021. This new lock out of South Africa for December is adding to these losses.

Sanparks is now making it compulsory for agents to be registered with a tourism board. We were hoping that we could join your umbrella on a free membership while we rebuild our business.

Thank you

Muhammad Ghoor

[email protected]

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