The Bradford Group, NY, USA

The Bradford Group is an award-winning New York-based marketing, advertising, and public relations agency with a strong focus on travel and tourism, with particular expertise in Africa, including sustainable tourism development and investment – a boutique agency with a global perspective. One of the Bradford Group’s strengths is in developing strategic partnerships and alliances on behalf of its clients, raising their media profiles as well as making introductions to key print, broadcast, digital media and travel industry influencers

The Bradford Group has been deeply involved in the promotion of tourism and tourism investment in Africa for over 20 years, representing African destinations, airlines, and hotels.
Karen Hoffman, President, The Bradford Group, served as the Africa Travel Association’s (ATA) Media Director for many years and received the ATA Founder’s Award and an Award for “Outstanding Promotion of Tourism to the Continent of Africa.” Currently, Karen serves on the International Advisory Committee of the Africa Tourism Association. She chaired a panel on Film Tourism at the Annual ATA International Congress in Kigali, Rwanda, August 2017 and continues to be an advisor on the Film Tourism Committee.

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by Karen Hoffman, president

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