The African Diaspora Group, Inc, MD, USA

The African Diaspora Group, Inc, MD, USA

Mission: Unify and mobilize the African diaspora to provide education and opportunities on the continent for land & home ownership, investment, and travel, while contributing to the development and prosperity of African nations.

Vision: The African Diaspora Group seeks to build the largest database of Africans in the diaspora worldwide, where we can collectively communicate, share information, resources, and come together to make an impact on Africa

What we do: “We help the Diaspora connect back to Africa”

– Education and resources to assist with HOW to visit, relocate, do business & invest, and own land in Africa

– Access to our network of service providers in countries across Africa to schedule consultations and services locally

– Job board to connect members to opportunities in Africa

– Investment opportunities to involve members in taking an active role in the development of Africa

– Group trips to countries within Africa to include cultural immersion, real estate & investment tour

– Real estate division provides education, resources, and contacts for a successful buying experience. Payment plans/mortgage loans, real estate attorneys, property developers, estate agencies, and more.

– Diaspora Gives Project focuses on a need within an African community or village. We raise money from the diaspora to take care of the need, for us, by us.

by Aurelia Peart, Executive Director