Tamás Sándor, Samantha FOXXX Battlefield and Cultural Travel, Izidackaja Schola scout team Zagreb, Budapest, Hungary

I am a leader of the Croatian-Hungarian scout team in Zagreb region. And organizing Samantha FOXX Battlefield and cultural travel. At now cease this activity, I just waiting after vaccination. Until I working with my scout team to do it EU application writing. We interested in Africa organizing scout and guide camps in new areas. I organizing an international scout and guide camp for five countries’ scout teams -mini jamboree -so-called: Jamborette. I correcting mistakes in diploma -final works for university students. My firm field battlefield tourism and cultural heritage traveling.I would like to organize and creating the big slave trade route round trips. Colonial African culture etc. topics. My special interest in Morocco, Tunisia, South Africa, Ghana.

Tamás Sándor, executive director, travel coordinator



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