Sun Africa Expeditions, Uganda

Sun Africa Expeditions, Uganda

We are born in Africa. Our lives have been dedicated to the wildlife and its conservation. 
The glories of Africa are well documented but only those who actually travel there can stand under the wide sheltering skies and feel the warm red earth beneath their feet. Film and television do not really communicate the sheer thrill of being only yards from a towering Mountain Gorilla Silverback or a bull elephant, nor do they allow a true picture of the peerless landscapes and richly textured cultures. Africa is tranquillity and adventure, mighty waters and arid desert, nostalgia and modernity. A land of exciting contrasts and breath-taking beauty that lies waiting to be explored.

Africa has got “something” for everyone and we go an extra mile to offer a wide range of tailored, unique escapades to the most outstandingly beautiful and fascinating places which enhances a memorable experience for each and every one of our clients, whilst traveling responsibly and maintaining a sustainable Tourism code. Besides the usual wildlife and nature holidays, we encourage visitors to indulge in authentic encounters with the locals in-order to learn more about the culture and ways of life of the local African communities.

by Faridah Damulira


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