African Untold Stories  Untold African Stories is a documentary film & photography project series that captures historical tribes in Africa whose footprints are almost marginalized and faced out. The Initiative is aimed at connecting the African dots and bringing back the African culture by telling untold African stories. The project seeks to capture and preserve in a respectful way our unique African cultures, practices, and ways of life from country to country through the Art of Film & Photography.The project will see our team travel and live with these tribes and share in their culture and essentially their ways of life through; Beauty and skincare ritualsTraditional music and artsGastronomy and food cultureHealth and herbal medicineCommunity building & chieftaincyMarriage & family relations While we document and share these beautiful untold stories in the hope to preserve these tribes, we do not wish to do so without giving back to these communities. Through the live-in experience, we hope to engage with community members and leaders to better understand these cultures and find out ways we can give back to their communities. Initiatives from the project such as art shows, photo gallery exhibitions, online print sales, NFT sales, film screening, and partnerships among others, are ways we hope to generate funds to give back to these communities and to sustain the project. The first country in this Project is Namibia; Land of the Brave. We will be working alongside Joseph Kafunda, An experienced Namibian Travel & Tourism Coordinator, and the Namibian team on this project, our mission is to capture three indigenous tribes in the country; The Himba tribe, San Tribe, and the Oshiwombo tribe. To share their beautiful untold stories with you and the world and to keep their stories living on. Support this project to help the Untold African Stories team unravel the unique cultural traditions and practices of these tribes. The funds would cover production costs as the crew travels across the length and breadth of Namibia in the course of 2 weeks” We would be updating this page with the progress of the project with behind the scenes of the journey throughout Namibia as well as the production process through to the final outlook.  If you’re interested in partnering or contributing to this project or subsequent projects, you can send me an email: Hello@alextackie[dot]com

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