Anita NanaOkuribido, founding chairman  |

Our Reasons are: •Promote Global Unity& Peace through the boost of Global Green Tourism. •Provide Global Unity through Green Culinary/Cuisine thereby enhancing the Green Economy through exchange of traditions and culture from 54 African Countries and 5 Continents of the World while boosting Global Green Tourism and reducing the carbon emission in the Environment.
We would like to initiate Global Green Tourism, focusing on Decarbonization of the Environment and Energy Efficiency, by using Renewable Energy Technology to Transform the Hospitality Value Chain while making people of the globe to eat Green and live Green in a Decarbonized Environment.
We are at the inception stage of conceptualization and actualization of our vision.
At SMILING SIMON GREENBUILD FOUNDATION we are passionate about: • Decarbonization of the environment and to make a green and better living for all people. •Creation of Green Jobs. •Acceleration of the Global Green Economy. •Creation of a Change in the narrative of Tourism. •Creation of a significant awareness in the value chain of the Global Green Economy
The top three goals we would like to achieve as an organization this year are: •Establishment of a Global Green Tourism Village •Promotion of Global Unity and Peace through: •Green Culinary, •Organic Beverages, •Traditional Green Fashion, Music and Art. •Mitigation of the Climate Change through Green Tourism Value Chain.
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