Robin Nowacki, UK

(1997 to 2019)
My first entry into travel journalism came in 1992 when commissioned to write and undertake the photography for the Excel Guide to Mexico, for the launch of the first ever direct British Airways flights from London to Mexico City.
Between 1997 and 2017, my freelance journalism and writing has led me to being named “Highly Recommended Travel Writer of the Year” by Skylines Magazine in 2000, and gaining commissions from Ireland’s Sunday Independent (to produce a major supplement on South Africa), Travel Weekly (Mexico), Conference and Incentive Travel Magazine (Malaysia), The Daily Telegraph (Travel News).
TV Travel Shop: From 1998 to 2000 I also worked as a journalist for this new Satellite TV channel, regularly appearing live in a studio being asked by two presenters to describe destinations around the world, effectively selling travel, as viewers could then buy holidays to that destination after the presentation.
1992 – 1993 & 1997– 2017 – Northern Ireland Travel News – have worked as a regular reporter, journalist, writer (always based near London), for this 23,000 circulation publication (around 100,000 readers all with an expressed interest in travel) – sold in over 1,000 newsagents. Also website (probably at least another 100,000 readers).
1998 – 2002 – Worked as a reporter and writer for the former travel trade newspaper – Independent Travel News.
2005 – I reported back from Sri Lanka and the Maldives after the Tsunami, this appeared on the front page of the World Tourism Organisation website for a number of months, in the then million selling French Magazine “Marianne”, and elsewhere.
2000 to 2008 – Major contributor to Connect Direct and Consort Traveller.
2008 to 2011 – Helped launch and contributed to Escape Magazine. 
2011 – Started writing for Just About Travel
2012 – First feature in Chelsea & Kensington Review.
2013 – Started writing for Pro Traveller Magazine
2014 – involved in the launch of new on-line magazine
2019 – Television work on Channel 4 and Sky 192. Currently also a writer reaching around 200,000 readers of the above publications.