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Revealed World University, Celestin Ngirabakunzi, Kigali, Rwanda

Celestin Ngirabakunzi, CEO | [email protected] | +27 762789897


KN 87 ST 18
The mission of the university is to contribute to the social-economic transformation of the people of Africa especially in the  Great Lakes Region of Africa by imparting both Godly and ethical professional and practical marketable skills through rigorous professional, technical training, and education.
We objectively focus on
1. Professional training of African people, with special inclusion of the youth and women.
2. Quality education to African people
3. Preparation of African people with ethical values for positive impact and change.
4. Socioeconomic development and transformation concentrating on homegrown solutions in Africa.
5. Entrepreneurship and servanthood leadership development in African Countries.
6. Conservation of and keeping African heritage for positive and sustainable development for next generations. 7. Connecting African communities to mutually beneficial relationships with the rest of the world.
2 Locations
Muhima, Kigali City, Rwanda
2. 30N Gould St 3103. Sheridan, WY 828011. USA

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