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Red Rocks Initiatives, Musanze, Rwanda

Red Rocks initiatives are about adventure and education of our cultural heritage, which signifies how the local community develops and become more responsible for protecting the environment. The purpose of our initiatives is to bring positive changes to the local community around Volcanoes National Park.

We want to join ATB to be able to connect with like-minded organizations who support community development. Sustainable tourism has become a proven tool for conservation and development. It benefits many destinations globally. Red Rocks Initiatives for Sustainable Development is a non-profit organization operating in the wider Virunga massif of Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. It was founded this year to integrate tourism, and also to find ways through which tourism not only count for or benefit travelers, but also help tourism destinations in the Virunga massif.

As a non-profit community-based organization, Red Rocks Initiatives is dedicated to integrate tourism and conservation for sustainable community development. Most importantly we lobby for and market the adaptation of community-based tourism as part of the region’s development agenda.

Red Rocks Initiatives has managed to put eco-tourism agenda as part of its programs to promote development around Virunga massif. It continues to involve the local community and forge partnership with other like-minded organizations to promote its community development programs in the region.

Our long-term objective is to ensure the local communities benefit from their skills in trade, art, music, education, and much more so that people can gain from sustainable tourism, while they help in environmental conservation and uplift their living standards. We believe that all the three are inextricably linked and therefore should be promoted together.

By Gregory Bakunzi,
co – founder

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