Pathfinder Travel Consultancy (PTY) LTD, Johannesburg, South Africa

Pathfinder Travel Consultancy is a boutique travel planning company based in South Africa. We offer personalised travel itineraries and concierge services from packaged holidays, accommodations, tours & excursions, transfers and shuttle ( both land and air).

Our clientele ranges from FIT’s to Group Tours, with mostly leisure travellers. We encourage our clients to experience local cultures in not so much of a commercial (touristy) manner but to truly engage with the locals. Our aim to join the African Tourism Board is to be part of an organisation that strives to promote Africa as a destination, as we have great interest in the continent and its cultural diversity.

ATB offers a variety of platforms, from which we can not only learn but grow and contribute to as a brand. At Pathfinder Travel Consultancy, we are passionate about communities and development. Our company is able to create jobs for people that operate in different industries through the retreats that we curate. We want to be part of an association that has an interest and a voice on how the tourism industry stands to benefit locals across the continent in a sustainable manner.

by Claudia Phantshi, Director

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