Neves Travel, MA, USA

Neves Travel, MA, USA

Created in 1991, Neves Travel is the travel and event agency featured in the Cape Verdean and broader Portuguese-speaking community in New England, United States.

Neves Travel is located in New Bedford, Massachusetts, a city with a strong Cape Verdean and Portuguese cultural influence. With years of experience in this area, Neves Travel recognizes its market as well as the wishes and tastes of a community that increasingly seeks a differentiated, quality and efficient service.

With a network of contacts made up of airlines, agents, and freight forwarders worldwide, Neves Travel responds to the specific needs of each customer, group and community to offer customized services.

Traveling is an integrated experience of pleasure, safety and fulfillment that begins with planning and ends long after reaching the destination. Neves Travel supports its clients to bring the vision of each journey to life

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