Mkuu Cultural Tourism Enterprise, Linus Lasway, Tanzania

Mkuu Cultural Tourism is a youth and women-led social enterprise with the goal to preserve the cultural heritage of the village and to make sure the traditions keep on living. Mkuu Cultural tourism offers truly an authentic cultural adventure experience and a unique insight into the daily life of the Chagga people on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro enroute Rongai route of Mount Kilimanjaro and Lake Challa”.

We conduct sustainable tourism Sustainable tourism is one of the key principles of our social enterprise. With this respect Mkuu Cultural Tourism practise nothing but tourism that respects and protects the environment, local culture and provides positive experiences for both visitors and hosts. With this kind of tourism Mkuu Cultural Tourism provide direct financial benefits for both cultural preservation and empowerment for local people.

Therefore; using our services, visitors create living for some people includes the guides, contact persons such as farmers, storytellers, local food cooks, and local brews makers. On the other hand, when buying local products contributes to the local economy, then you leave the footprints to the locals. The community uses this money to support their daily life and help to conserve the area’s cultural and natural resources.

Linus Lasway

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