Hon Dr. Mohammed Abu Zeid Mustafa, Minister of Tourism, Antiquities & Wildlife Sudan


 Minister of Tourism

Dr.. Mohammed Abu Zeid Mustafa has been Minister of Tourism, Archeology and Wildlife since June 2015 and until then. More


 Minister of State for Tourism

Mr. Adel Hamid Daklu has been Minister of State at the Ministry of Tourism, Archeology and Wildlife since December 2013 and even more


 Deputy Minister of Tourism

Dr. Graham Abdelkader Damin has been the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Tourism, Archeology and Wildlife since April 2014 and until then. More


 Competences of the Ministry

1 – Attention to national monuments and national heritage and the establishment of national museums and conservation and development and preservation of national archaeological areas. 2. To carry out the work of exploration and prospecting, research and scientific studies, and to coordinate with the international scientific institutions in this field. 3 – Organization and development of external relations with States and regional and international organizations in the field of archeology. 4. Development of public policies, plans and programs and further development


 Vision, mission and goals

Strategic Objective: To limit and exploit the country’s tourism resources and to maximize its revenues in order to achieve economic and social development. It also provides employment opportunities, activates internal and expatriate tourism, and provides means of meeting with other peoples while preserving natural and material resources and cultural heritage. More





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