Malaysian Ecotourism Association, Malaysia

Malaysian Ecotourism Association, Malaysia

The Malaysian Ecotourism Association (MEA) is Malaysia’s national association for ecotourism representing diverse sectors of the ecotourism industry throughout Malaysia. Its members represent Governmental agencies, private enterprises, academic institutions, non-governmental agencies and professionals who are dedicated to the development and advancement of ecotourism.

The Association registered under the Registrar of Societies, Ministry of Home Affairs, Malaysia is strongly committed in undertaking outreach, training and capacity building among local communities as well as advocating public-private-people partnerships in propagating best sustainable development practices and public sector policy consultancy. Its vision is to streamline ecotourism principles and practices in all forms of nature and culture based tourism in Malaysia. 

Under the auspices of South-South Cooperation, Africa and Malaysia have good partnerships such as through the Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme (MTCP), which plays an important role in fostering better people to people relations. Malaysia could help African countries in the empowerment of women as well as skills and human capacity development in tourism. As there are direct flights between African major cities and Kuala Lumpur, the flow of people and interaction has been established and there will be greater growth in two-way tourism.

by ChoonLoong Lee , Secretary- General