Macolline, Antalaha, Madagascar

Macolline, Antalaha, Madagascar

Macolline is a 25 acre native forest in a region of Northeastern Madagascar founded by Marie-Hélène Kam Hyo.DSCF5322

This area has experienced intensive degradation for over a century. Macolline has been committed to the protection and reforestation of native Malagasy species in accordance with UNESCO’s conservation priorities. The maintenance of Macolline provides jobs for many villagers therefore any money raised for Macolline, helps to support C.A.L.A. ~Comité d’Aide aux Lépreux d’Antalaha (Leprosy Relief Committee of Antalaha) Macolline is a combination of natural preservation, protection and enhancement of the Malagasy environment. The site includes a 10 hectare hill consisting of species of primary (original) forest, fruit trees and commercial species. Along a river and facing the Indian Ocean, 3 km from the town of Antalaha, Macolline is an exceptional site for nature lovers, students, scientists and botanists.

Founded in 2001, Macolline is open to receive tourists, students, scientists etc… For an entertaining full day, the site features a walking trail, a pirogue (dugout canoe) ride through rice fields and rainforest and a brickyard and end the day with a delicious picnic facing the Indian Ocean.

In addition to the traditional activities of the tourist park, the site seeks to increase the awareness to the various Malagasy forest species like medicinal plants and their uses. The site also allows each visitor to plant a tree and thus contributing to the preservation of the site and threatened species and also contributing to reforestation.

This is especially needed here on the east coast of Madagascar where the forests are strongly threatened.

by Joey Moscovitch