Klodiana Gorica, Prof. Dr University of Tirana, Tirana, Albania

Klodiana Gorica, Prof. Dr University of Tirana, Tirana, Albania

She is a Full Professor in University of Tirana, also, she is:

  • National Contact Point for Albania in European Institute of Innovation and Technology EIT https://eit.europa.eu/;
  • Coordinator of BLUEWBC project for University of Tirana (Sustainable Development of BLUE Economies through higher education and innovation in Western Balkan Countries (https://www.bluewbc.eu/) 
  • Expert in tourism (marketing, strategies and politics for a sustainable tourism) and entrepreneurial marketing working with UNWTO, UNDP, World Bank, PAPRAC, WTO, WTTC, GSTC, GRSME, etc;

Her main fields of interest: Marketing, Entrepreneurial Marketing, Sustainable Tourism Management, Tourism Marketing, Higher Education. For more than 20 years has been involved in international initiatives, forums and projects, not only as expert but serving as guest speaker, national contact point, members for Balkan and/or Albania, creating networks for Balkan and European Sustainable Tourism, creating and managing round tables and forums; member in editorial board/research committee/keynote speaker in international journals and conferences, and international experiences in training and teaching in universities abroad.

Tourism is more than a simple strategy, instrument, or a policy to improve quality of life, increase employment and incomes: tourism makes the world better allowing people enjoying traveling, increased awareness for their heritage and culture, based on a co-creation and community-based model.

Nowadays, sustainable development is a much-discussed goal at the global level. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have brought together all relevant nations and governments to meet them by finding ways and setting priorities that will enable inclusive growth and development such that balances not only the economic component, but also social welfare and environmental protection. With this focus, efforts to find the right models aimed at achieving this development have identified that tourism is the safest way to aim and achieve sustainable development, determining that sustainable tourism is the best way to have growth economic, social well-being and the preservation or evaluation of the environment, thus bringing together all actors and factors involved, such as: tour operators, the community, central and local decision-making levels, universities, civil society organizations and international ones.

As full professor in University of Tirana, Albania, expert and consultant close to the ministry of Tourism I am very involved in development of tourism in whole Balkan region for a unique tourism product which need to be all inclusive, sustainable and well promoted.

I believe that we can start a new co-governing journey by raising awareness within all actors on the fact that sustainable, accessible and responsible tourism is achieved by working together, and that this way of tourism development is the best model for achieved sustainable development in our world.

by Klodiana Gorica