JFang Consulting, CA, USA

JFang Consulting, CA, USA

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I am a Consultant and owner of a few businesses of which one is my Travel Agency Business and is the JFang Travel Experiences. I stumbled on this site by accident when I watch the Project Hope for Africa Press Conference where Africa Tourism Revival and Building was discussed. This to me is an excellent Initiative and very impressed with all I hear. especially love the phrase “Let Africa start visiting Africa” it is unfortunate that many of us as Africans have been able to visit other continents for the most part but have not had the opportunity to visit our neighboring African countries be it by design or other. This is absolutely unacceptable as Charity starts at home. So for me this is the silver linning from the whole COVID-19 situation as it has paved the way for great unity, work and collaboration amongst us. Just what the continent needs. I would love to contribute as a Travel Advisor Consultant and Agency Owner as one of my capabilities to the entire process. So however I can be engaged will be great. Been following you and subscribed as well.

This is one of the things I say when I am called to speak on issues relating to Africa.

I equally want to ensure that I am part of the contribution process in making Africa pick up its fair share of the Tourism market, influence and recognition it so well deserves.

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