Jesse Chang, China

Jesse Chang, China

Jesse Chang has been advising clients for over 38 years as a lawyer and also as a banker for both Chinese inbound and outbound investments. Jesse is the Managing Partner of TransAsia Lawyers and the founder of its Outbound Investment Practice. He also maintains overall responsibility for TransAsia’s international client base.

Jesse Chang represents Ching GoAbroad (CGA) based in Beijing.

Driven by his passion for cross-border transactions, Jesse first began exploring the concept of CGA in early 2011. It has evolved under his guidance ever since, reflecting his years of hands-on experience. Jesse’s vision for CGA is to create a dynamic platform which will not only provide useful, relevant and up-to-date information for Chinese investors but which will also enable foreign asset owners to gain access to the China market.

ChinaGoAbroad (CGA) is a matchmaking and advisory service focused on cross-border investments involving China which boasts an online information platform dedicated to the same, and which features African projects prominently. We specialize in matchmaking investment projects and trading transactions, offering legal, strategic, crisis management and relevant services. Key areas include infrastructure, agribusiness, sports and tourism.

CGA’s co-founder is the China Overseas Development Association, which is supported by the National Development & Reform Commission of China.

CGA boasts of a global network with over 1,000,000 members (including more than 13,300 direct members consisting of companies, governments, universities and non-profits), 40% of which are from China, as well as experts and consultants from different countries and industries.

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