Ikaze Rwanda Tour and Travel Services Ltd, Rwanda

We believe and quite convinced African Tourism Board is an ideal family to identify with, given its composition of a wide spectrum of tour and travel practitioners, from both the private and public sector. We look forward to learning diverse industry skills and gain the much-needed exposure of our newly established travel company.

Ikaze Rwanda Tour and Travel Services, known as Ikaze Rwanda Tours, is a locally owned company that specializes in world-class travel and tour services. Our top-of-the-line packages will give you remarkable experiences and unforgettable memories no matter what the destination is. We value sustainable tourism by working in partnership with local communities and protecting our environment.

True to its name, Ikaze, which means “Welcome” in Rwanda’s local language, makes you feel at home from the very first time you meet our team. In fact, the word Ikaze has a deep meaning and is used to express delight to host a visitor, as well as when a bride is welcomed by her in-laws during a traditional wedding.

Ikaze Rwanda cherishes this ethos and our guests from around the world are welcomed like family by our highly trained staff who provide personalized hospitality during their stay. Our tour packages are offered at a competitive price and we love talking with our clients to personalize their travel experiences.