FEMOZA: The World Free & Special Economic Zones Federation

Created and Headquartered Geneva, Switzerland in December 1999. It is a not-for-profit NGO.

Our federation is a non-governmental organisation working on a non-profit basis. It was constituted in Switzerland under the laws of the canton of Geneva, its statutes and article 60 as well as the relevant clauses of the civil code.

Our objective is to further free zones around the world and help them develop, especially, in emerging countries and countries in transition.

Our functions involve offering experience, issuing norms, rules and processes, training professionals and assisting with technical, legal and economic support.

Our methods to get these objectives and further these functions are based on the promotion of forums and workshops, the maintenance of a constant line of communication with and among our affiliates, as well as regular meetings with international, financial, social and environmental institutions.

Internal organisation: Femoza is managed according to the agreements of its Executive Committee.

It is the only such organization, representing the interests of Free Zones, Export Processing Zones and Special Economic Zones globally.

Granted by UNCTAD’s and UNIDO’s with the Status of Observer.
It is Member of Geneva International and Geneva Maison des Associations.

FEMOZA’s objectives are to assist Free & Special Economic Zones, around the world, especially in emergent Countries

To find tools to create Jobs, to improve and increase the local economy and to get prosperity for people in the Region.

Through technical and social programs, implementing new technologies, training programs, attracting FDI, bring transfer of technology to local industry.
To create strategic locations for FDI projects.

To growth intra-regional trade, increase exports and help SME’s to reach new Export markets.

All under full respect to the environment and sustainability.
The Executive Committee is the main body for Management


 Clarity and neutrality in all our activities.
 Officials will avoid putting its personal interests before those of the community.
 To maintain a recognized and open ethical behavior

Joined by: Juan Torrents, president