eTN Corporation (USA & Germany)

eTN Corporation (USA & Germany)

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TravelWireNews publishes an average of 200 article postings a day from news-sources around the globe. Articles are searchable on major search engines, but not on news sections: Google, Yahoo or Bing News.

Read more is our  news portal with information and articles relevant to the Meeting and Incentive Industry world, known as MICE. We report about events, hotel venues, convention centers, suppliers and other companies or individuals involved in this important part of the travel & tourism industry. Our readers are both buyers and sellers – and those interested in MICE news.

Read more is our newest news portal with information and articles relevant to airlines, airports and the people, companies and organizations behind it. Interesting read for anyone interested in the growing and important aviation industry.

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WorldTourismWire  reports about updates and comments on activities by the  United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), the International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP) and other global association close to Travel & Tourism. Readers are top travel and tourism professionals including most ministers of tourism, UNWTO, WTTC and ETOA members.

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The beauty of Hawaii Tourism. A special blog, outlining travel and tourism opportunities and feature articles about the Aloha State. is a natural search and find for anyone planning to travel to Hawaii.

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WorldTourismEvents List your event, meeting, seminar, trade show. Promotional and partner packages available

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A complete news portal, and a newsletter for the LGBT traveler, and the part of the Travel Industry interested in this very potential audience.

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Our Mission

The mission of eTurboNews Group is to provide a cost-effective B2B service of news, PR representation for the global travel and tourism industry and information distribution through email and website archival storage, search facilities and readership tracking.

Our Services

eTurboNews, our flagship news service, is a daily bulletin of reports written by a global team of contributing editors, writers, guest analysts and occasional correspondents, focused on events, company news, market trends, new routes and services, political and legislative developments relevant to travel, transport and tourism, and issues relating to tourism’s role in the fight against poverty, and the industry’s responsibility for the environment and human rights.

The content of the reports is editorially regulated according to news values, significance and accuracy, copyright protected, and independent of any advertising and sponsorship carried.

The readership base is an opt-in subscriber emailing list currently running at 255,000+ worldwide, mainly travel trade professionals and specialist travel and tourism journalists.

eTurboNews editorial articles are available for syndication and republishing by other news media on standard terms.
eTurboNews Breaking News is the brand banner for urgent one-off communications of individual or moving urgent news items distributed as and when necessary.

eTurboNews Discussion is a moderated web-based community message board for feedback, comments and reaction from readers.

eTurboNews Communications is a public relations consultancy geared specifically to the needs of the travel and tourism industry. We provide a service of tailor-made PR solutions and advice on marketing and branding for large companies or small and medium-sized enterprises engaged in travel, transport or tourism related business.
eTurboNewsTravelWire is an information distribution service for disseminating company announcements, advertorials, product launches, market expansion, projects and other commercial messages to a global or regionally defined subscriber list of travel trade professionals and the media.

eTurboNewsTravelTelegram is a paid-for service of individual commercial messages delivered to the opt-in mailing list or to segments defined by geographical region or professional sector, and cross-referenced to the themed services described above for subsequent search and reference.
Newswire service for journalists services is the world leader in text and multimedia news for travel journalists, travel writers and travel-trade editors. As of today we include 14500+ specialized journalists, and media organizations worldwide showing interest in travel & tourism related stories.

Your information is distributed by email or fax to our journalists subscribers and archived on the www.forimmediaterelease.netweb site for later consultation and planning.

Business Model


eTurboNews is a business to business service of online distribution of news and information relevant to the global travel trade, alongside a specialist travel trade PR and marketing service and partnerships with world bodies related to travel and tourism, including UNWTO, WTTC and ICTP and media partnerships with travel fairs including WTM London and IMEX-Frankfurt.
Mode of Operation

The mode of operation is to distribute news reports and commercial messages by email to a list of opt-in travel trade and media subscribers, and archive the messages for retrieval and reference on the website, and to provide tailor-made PR and marketing solutions for small and medium sized travel and tourism enterprises.

Generating Revenue
eTurboNews earns its revenue from payments for distribution, banner advertising, classified advertising and also from sponsorship support which can be in monetary value or as in-kind (barter) arrangements. eTurboNews also earns income from devising specialised PR and marketing solutions through its eTurbo Communications division.

Added Value
In the field of travel trade information distribution, eTurboNews gives added value by its instant global reach, targeting travel trade professionals and media outlets (journalists and newspapers, magazines, broadcasters and online services), on an email distribution list of over a quarter of a million opt-in subscribers world wide.

eTurboNews also adds value to the distribution of travel trade news by being to call on a network of in-country representatives, correspondents and analysts to provide focused news reports relevant to the travel trade from close to events faster than the general public media.

eTurboNews also adds value by hosting a discussion forum and weblog related to travel and tourism which provides interaction, information and feedback from readers.


The flagship service by which the enterprise is named, eTurboNews, is a daily news bulletin distributed by email and archived for future research and reference on a web site, . Alongside eTurboNews are commercial services which distribute company information, announcements and marketing messages for a fee. eTurboTravelWireNews is a bulletin comprising paid commercial messages.

eTurboTravel-Telegram and are email services for the paid distribution of single items to travel trade professionals, media subscribers or a combination of both segments of the readership;

eTurboBreakingNews is the one-off distribution of urgent news reports to the entire global readership of 215,000, followed up by in-depth news coverage in the daily eTurboNews bulletin.

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