Eswatini Tourism Authoriy, Eswatini

The Eswatini Tourism Authority is a Public Enterprise established through the Swaziland Tourism Authority Act, 2001 and its objectives are to: –

a. develop the tourism sector as a national priority in an environmentally sustainable and culturally acceptable manner; 
b. co-ordinate and facilitate the implementation of Government policies and strategies on tourism; 
c. market Eswatini as a tourism destination through the provision of a platform for industry stakeholders; 
d. encourage, facilitate and promote local and foreign investment in the tourism industry; and 
e. ensure the contribution of tourism to the socio-economic development and continued improvement of quality of life in the Kingdom of Eswatini. 

Objectives for participating in the Africa Tourism Board are to:

1) Share ideas with other Tourism Boards and also learn from their experiences.
2) Identify stakeholders that we can partner with in promoting tourism for our country.

by Linda Nxumalo, CEO

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