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El Zayat International Tourism & Trade Consultancy, Alexandria Egypt

Our objectives out of being a member is to present member states tourism authorities with unprecedented marketing support to enhance their GCC arrivals through our branch offices in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE.

Founded in 2003, El Zayat 1st client was the Department of Tourism & Commerce Marketing – Dubai Government (DTCM). El Zayat consultancy served DTCM management on major strategic projects such as the setup of Dubai Convention Bureau and the development of the 1st fully fledged Dubai Tourism Cruise Terminal. El Zayat opened its Jeddah office in 2004 to launch Dubai Tourism 1st office in Saudi Arabia. The overwhelming success of the 1st year of operation led in 2005 to the opening of El Zayat 2nd Saudi office in Riyadh where DTCM extended its GCC operation by adding a 2nd Dubai Saudi representation office in Riyadh. The complexity of client’s operations, increase in projects and the professional staff rarity, all led El Zayat to open Egypt office in 2009 to strengthen the logistic and administrative support. Being close to our clients with frequent direct contact was always one of El Zayat founder key concerns and to accomplish his service philosophy both Dubai & London offices were opened consequently in 2011 and 2012.

El Zayat Company currently serves its Clients through its office network in Saudi Arabia (Jeddah & Riyadh offices), UAE (Dubai office), Egypt (Alexandria office) and UK (London office) & Kuwait and over the last 15 years of engagement with various destinations, tourism & trade authorities, hotel developers and hotel chains, El Zayat has successfully served its client’s interests and delivered the promised results.

Our work always include evaluating client’s potential growth, objectives, competition presence, growing client’s market share, and the means to reach the best ROI possible for our client.

We first and foremost evaluate what added value can we bring into this relation through an initial study to understand client current positioning in comparison to competitors and what potential to become out of this representation and accordingly we build a well-balanced business plan with a supporting budgeted action plan that has a sound return on investment. The business plan itself dictates the work load in question and the team capacity required to develop and sustain client’s presence to reach the targeted yearly number of travellers.

In light of received scope of work (and not limited to), we arrange a multitude of B2B and B2C campaigns and activities and undertake all logistics involved as well as 3rd party negotiation and payment on behalf of the client.


by Aly El Zayat, Founder and MD

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