Ecolodge Mole Operating Company Limited – Zaina Lodge, Ghana

Zaina Lodge is the one-and-only luxury Game Lodge not only in Ghana but also the entire West African region. Zaina lodge is located in the Mole National Park, the largest and most visited National Park in Northern Ghana. 

Our objective of joining the African Tourism Board is to showcase Ghana and West Africa as an alternative Wildlife Destination to the conventional big five destinations of East and Southern Africa. Although we are not a Big 5 destination we provide guests with extra-ordinary wildlife experiences which cannot be experienced elsewhere. We pride ourselves in providing educational, informative and memorable bush experiences.

In addition, we are exploring multiple opportunities in linking East Africa to West Africa. Packages are being developed which incorporate exceptional and con-specific experiences from East Africa to Central Africa to West Africa.

Ghana is a new, incredibly safe and diverse destination waiting to be explored and developed. I believe by being a member of the African Tourism Board, will assist in our aims and objectives.

One Location – Zaina Lodge in Mole National Park
More to follow in due Course.

by Wayne Johnson, general manager

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