Easy Go Safaris Ltd, Kenya

Easy Go Safaris Ltd, Kenya
Easy Go Safaris has been operational for over 5 years. It is a woman owned company. I have 4 full time staff members and always contract more if there is more work to be done. I am at a point where I feel there is stagnation in business. Little work is trickling to the company despite investing heavily in marketing within and outside Kenya. 

Easy Go Safaris need exposure. In order for us to achieve our objectives, we also need more training from the best in the industry or from forums like ATB. Easy Go Safaris aims to bring substantial economic benefits to local communities and residents. Over the last 4 years we have been heavily involved with the University of Nairobi in cooperation with Yokohama University in Japan to conserve and protect the natural environment. This has been done by rehabilitating forests in Kenya eg Sacred Miji Kenda forests, Keraita forest, Mau Forest, Kakamega Forests etc. There has been a lot of data collection and involvement of locals and university students. The climate change has affected the population especially small scale farmers who we involve in tree planting and rehabilitation projects. They need to understand the effects and be trained on the benefits of tree planting and conservation. Easy Go safaris also emphasizes on respect of customs, traditions and cultural heritage. Easy Go Safaris does this by creating community awareness, understanding and supporting tourism development in these areas. We also have monthly littering campaigns in malls and our busiest roads in Nairobi. These are our small efforts in the industry like the Humming Bird

By joining African Tourism Board, we hope to learn more and the economic benefits can trickle down to our very high population of unemployed in my country. More so the youth of the country.

We hope with the above ATB will consider our application.
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