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Duluti Green Foundation Trust, Arusha, Tanzania | [email protected] | Gladness Pallangyo, founder | 

• Specific objectives being:

• To bring reactive and sustainable development that will improve the economic and social welfare of the rural people through community-based projects.

•To bring awareness to the rural people about their problems through education and to share with them, the solution of problems facing them.

•To carry on any other objectives that would benefit the whole community.

•To educate people on environmental related issues.

•To carry out activities to educate the community on a relevant social and economic issue such as human rights, health and to carry out the construction of education, health and social centers.

• Sharing and exchange of information with other Associations, NGOs and International Humanitarian agencies on the issues pertaining to Women and Parents.

•To enhance Gender equality and women’s empowerment. Duluti Green Foundation Trust (DGFT) is a nonprofit and nongovernmental organization that carries out its functions and duties in Arumeru district since 2005 and legally registered by the government in 2008 with registration number 3426 under the trustee incorporation Act cap 318, RE. 2002.

We wanted to join the African Tourism Board because of its tremendous work from them in uniting Africa and marketing and helping a lot of activities.It will be a mistake if I don’t use or utilize such connections and the opportunity to help our community


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